Our May 2017 Box - From the ground to your cup

Our May 2017 Box - From the ground to your cup

The sun is shining and it feels like summer has truly begun here in the UK. As the weather is improving I have noticed that more of my BRUU’s are being enjoyed outside with nature, grabbing a few quiet moments in the morning to myself or under the evening sun on my patio.

Tea doesn’t seem like the first choice on a warm day, but during our adventure in India we couldn't help noticing how many locals consumed tea to stay cool. It seems it isn’t some old wives’ tale either, studies show that drinking a hot drink reduces body heat storage which helps to cool us down. So, next time you are warm, reach for a cup of tea instead of a cold (often sugary) drink.

Many of our members will be enjoying the famous Chelsea Flower Show which marks the start of the gardening season, as households around the country are inspired to transform their outside space into botanical wonderlands. Planting flowers in your garden must be the most rewarding investment you can make in your home, allowing you to enjoy beauty, amazing scents and the wildlife they attract year-round. After all tea is a plant, called the Camellia Sinensis, so planting in the ground feels like a pilgrimage tracing the steps of your teas origin.

This month we have selected teas which are perfect for a sweltering day and packed with the scents of nature.

Finest Earl Grey – Renowned for its wonderful bergamot aroma, Earl Grey tea has become firmly ensconced as an afternoon tea classic. The story goes that the iconic blend was specially created for Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, in reward for saving the son of a Chinese Mandarin from drowning. When his supplies of the tea had run out, the Earl commissioned British tea blenders to recreate the taste. A truly floral black that feels quintessentially British.

Earthy Oolong – A Chinese Se Chung Oolong speciality with a slightly earthy aroma and delicious aromatic taste. Oolong is a complex, intriguing and multi-faceted tea that holds the most delicate and soft flavour. Made using the Camellia Sinensis leaf it sits between rich blacks and herby greens. It should have an elegant throne of its own.

Orangey Green – A Japanese Sencha Green tea blended with refreshing orange and warming ginger. Ginger can help keep colds at bay and even help with respiratory allergies so it makes the perfect summer blend. Try as an iced tea too, it’s a delight.

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