Our May 2018 box

Our May 2018 box
Tea club

Well, we’re six month’s into 2018 and time is absolutely flying! How has your first half of the year been? Here at BRUU it’s been hectic - moving office, recruiting, fine-tuning our clever tea engine plus launching onto new partner sites like WUNTO, GROUPON and WOWCHER. We have also gone live in Debenhams, Boots and WH Smith with our gift vouchers. Onwards and upwards we say.

Interestingly, this month’s BRUU theme was inspired by the Royal Wedding. Did you see Pippa Middleton’s wedding attire? The press seemed to think she looked like an ice tea, which we think is a good thing by the way, so let’s raise a glass filled with sunny and refreshing ice tea in her honour! Many of our teas work brilliantly as ice tea thanks to the gourmet ingredients, so if you want to know how to make one visit this blog, otherwise our personal favourites this month are Lemon Waffle and Flourish.

The BRUU family is increasing and this month we have introduced new teas and teaware to the website. Visit the Teashop for our new tea delights...love cherry bakewells? Try Cherry Bliss. A sucker for citrusy tastes and flavours, Ruby Sunset or oOrange are the teas for you. How about the soothing, moreish taste of honey with a slight hint of ginger; try Ginger Honey. There are plenty more to choose from but those mentioned have been incredibly popular around the office since they arrived. Yummy!

Remember, it’s Father’s Day on Sunday 17th June and if he is anything like my dad, most days you will find him with a cup of tea in hand. How about this year giving him a gift that keeps on giving, with a membership to our tea club? HINT HINT.

“A father is someone you look up to

                         no matter how tall you grow.”

Tim and Steven (our tech team) have been working on improving our clever tea engine this month and we should be rolling out some updates soon which will improve how it works. We’re on a mission to introduce the world to better-tasting tea, so getting this right and ensuring your teas match your exact preferences is a huge piece of that puzzle. The new update will also coincide with a refreshed website going live in July, so watch this space.

This month’s BRUU surprise has been supplied by the fabulous Nairns Oatcakes. Their gluten-free biscuit is a perfect pick me up whenever your biscuit blues occur. They’re tasty, chocolatey, low in calories and so indulging. You’ll find them in most supermarkets or you can visit their website for details at www.nairns-oatcakes.com.

We hope you all love your personalised tea picks this month - we can’t stress enough how important it is to rate your monthly batch in the member’s area; the more you rate your teas each month, the more variety and the more scrumptious your teas become. Enjoy!

Did you know? For centuries tea was only used as a medicine. It took 3000 years for it to become an everyday drink.

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