Our June 2018 Box

Our June 2018 Box

When was the last time you tried something new?
Summer is here and has arrived with a bang – team BRUU has been making full use of it with sunny picnics and afternoon swims in the river. It’s blissful.

I recently watched my first (yes, first!!) football match as I cheered on England to win 6-1 against Panama. It got me thinking - when was the last time you did something for the first time?

It’s so easy to get complacent in life and stay in your comfort zone, but the world is an exciting place full of new discoveries. When we were children it was the norm and we embraced life with a giant yes! In fact, my young children have inspired this recent change as I see them experience new things every day with excitement – like the box our new oven arrived in!

So, this month BRUU encourages you to try something new. Go on, brainstorm some ideas; write down a list of things you have never done before. Perhaps you could go down a new road that you usually pass every day (who knows what you might find), or take up a new hobby (I took up sailing), even try a new food that you have never tasted. One easy way you can start is by logging into the BRUU member's area and selecting a new tea to try in your next box. Who knows, you might actually love it! Greg, who works in our customer services team is now the world’s biggest Oolong fan!

How long does loose tea last for?

As dedicated BRUU infusiasts, we source fresh tea types and aim to disperse them to our wonderful members as swiftly as we can. We tend to go by a couple of months for storing our teas just to ensure all our glorious air-tight stock is as flavoursome as can be! We have a cool, dark room full of our teas; ensuring that no sunlight streams through and affects taste. This is key to tea longevity.

There are however certain time frames that people go by when it comes to the likes of fruit, black and green teas. Loose black tea can last for around 2 years if in air-tight packaging, around a year for greens and your floral, fruit teas are 6-12 months.

In other news;

  • BRUU is on the hunt for new talent as we continue to grow our team. With our new offices, expanding team and growing members we feel very excited about the future.

  • We’ve been selected by MasterChef to feature on their website – how cool is that!

  • Jamie Oliver’s photographer will be doing some new pictures for our website. Watch this space!

  • Our tea engine is getting a new update in July to improve personalisation. It will utilise your ratings more alongside best seller information from our Teashop.

We hope you enjoy your personalised tea selection this month and we’d love to hear from you on our social media pages.

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