Our June 2016 box

Our June 2016 box

Bruu June box

Happy June everybody. As you'll know here at BRUU we are passionate about tea. We love everything about it; taste, smell, ingredients, history, variety, how it burns your hand when you spill it on yourself - yep, everything!

As a BRUU customer we know you have a keen interest in tea too and from our recent survey have learnt that you want to know more about it. So this month we're giving you our greatest free gift to date; our knowledge and passion for tea. This comes in two parts:

Firstly, in this month's box you will find our tea guide which is full of facts, history and advice. But this is just the beginning, most exciting of all, we've set up our own online BRUU Tea Academy. We're offering you a chance to gain a 'BRUU Accreditation' with our online modular course from an accredited tea study curriculum. If you, like us, are true tea 'infusiasts' then you're going to love it.

There are three modules to the course with several topics in each with everything you'll need to know about tea. Every week you can read the next topic in the module with the first topic available online now. The topics are interesting, easy going and simple to follow And the best part of all - it's FREE. Let's face it, the best things in life usually are! 

To get you started, put your senses to the test and get you thinking like a true tea connoisseur we've included a tea sample in this month's box. You'll notice it doesn't have a label and that's because we want you to tell us what's in it. Identify the type of tea (black, green, white, chai, oolong, rooibos, herbal or fruit ) and all the ingredients and submit your answers to us via the new members area. Whoever guesses the most will get a very special tea surprise in our next dispatch.

Our June teas this month are a miscellany of taste and smell. Our Emperors Seven Treasures is a Sri Lankan black tea blended with sencha leaves, flower petals and peach. It's light, sophisticated and makes the most adorable ice tea.

tea fields
Speaking of which, with Wimbledon about to begin you are sure to enjoy our 'grassy' Melfort Green. It's a delicate and light pure green tea from the renowned Melfort tea estate in Sri Lanka (that's your tea above!).

Finally our Honeybush Chocolate Cake is a lovely rooibos tea blended with honey and chocolate. The smell and taste won't disappoint and it makes the perfect sweet treat without the calories.

I hope you enjoy this month's teas and theme, stay tuned for our July box which is going to be our best yet. And remember to check out our website for Father's Day gift ideas.

With love
BRUU Founder

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