Our January 2018 Box

Our January 2018 Box


We hope you have all had a fabulous start to 2018 and are ready for the New Year ahead! Did you all enjoy your Christmas teas and extra goodies inside your box? Silly question, of course you did!

A big welcome to our new members who have joined us over Christmas, we hope you’ll be BRUU infusiasts for many years to come; you have joined at an exciting time.

Just a reminder to those who would like to learn more about the teas you receive each month - just log into your account on our website where you can delve deeper into the wonderful world of BRUU and find out the origin of your teas, taste notes and full ingredients.  For those craving more knowledge visit our free Tea Academy and progress through a number of online tea modules to become a true connoisseur. If you can’t access your account just email us at hello@bruutea.co.uk and we’ll help.

We have mentioned it before and we will say it again, 2018 is going to be our year – bigger and better than ever with you lovely lot at the forefront of every decision. Tea-rific! This month, some of the team ventured off to Sri Lanka to visit tea plantations and more importantly to source fresh new teas for your future deliveries of BRUU. You can learn more about the trip by visiting the BRUU blog.

This month’s theme is health, with it being a prominent time of year for people making a conscious effort to improve fitness and eating habits. A big thanks to the team at Emily Crisps who kindly provided us with this month’s surprise gifts. A wonderful pack of fruity goodness, proving that you don’t need to refrain from snacking  to stay healthy, so munch away guilt free! We love everything about Emily Crisps; they’re a quirky brand with an ethos we certainly admire – snacking should be fun, nutritious and tasty and they seem to tick all the boxes.

This month we have also jumped on the fitness bandwagon and searched high and low for the latest fitness apps and trends that we think will help motivate and track progress. Work It is a free app that allows you to monitor your fitness; whether you have completed a run, swam several lengths of a pool or even walked your dog – everything is tracked, motivating you to push that bit more each day.

Sleep Time is another interesting app to discover and explore – sleep plays a fundamental part of our lives and helps rejuvenate our bodies when exercising, so understanding the factors that may contribute to disrupted sleep will aid in steering you onto the right track for optimal snoozing and maximum productivity! 
Another app to consider, that we love in the office is Nike Training Club; it offers a vast range of free workouts to suit your goal and don’t worry if you have a busy schedule, there are plenty of short workouts that still give results and you can sync music too!

The good news is that tea can form part of a healthy lifestyle and studies have shown the antioxidants can help boost immunity, improve your mood and even lead to healthier hair and nails. Since all our of teas are made using only the finest tea and ingredients, you can be assured that each of our teas pack a healthier kick compared to your average tea bag.

Enjoy your personalised tea selection and remember to rate your teas in your members area so that we can keep fine-tuning the types of teas we send you.

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