Our February 2018 Box!

Our February 2018 Box!

It’s crazy to think that we are already into the third month of 2018…time flies when you’re having fun! Here at BRUU it’s been a particularly exciting time for us – we have recently been involved with mobile network Three and their rewards app WUNTO and the response to this has exceeded all expectations so we would like to give a big welcome to our newest additions to the famil-tea!

It’s been all go to at BRUU HQ as we pack our things into boxes in preparation to move into bigger premises. We have outgrown our current office and it’s now time to take a very scary step into a space 10 times bigger. We will still be in Richmond in the Yorkshire Dales, so if you are passing, our door is always open and you are guaranteed a decent cup of tea and a go on our slide!

Are you remembering to rate your tea each month? The more you rate, the more accurate our clever tea engine will be in determining your desired tea blends. So login to your account and get rating! On that note, we hope you love this month’s personalised selection, tailored to your exact preferences.

It’s not long until Mother’s Day – are you organised this year? It’s the time of year to show your Mum/Mam/Ma/Mother just how much you appreciate their presence in your lives; such continuous support and eternal love deserves only the best gift…like one that keeps on giving every month hint hint! Spending quality time, sipping a pot of tea together is a lovely way to catch up, strengthen that close bond and share stories over a cup of perfectly steeped tea and a slice (or two) of cake with someone you adore. And for some it’s a day to cherish and remember those precious memories that you hold so dear in your heart and mind for those who are no longer with us.

‘A mother’s love is like a cup of tea, they are always there to comfort you’

If you haven’t already, visit our BRUU blog where you can learn all about tea. Our resident Marketing Maverick Abi has a way with words and I am sure you will enjoy reading them and learning more about your favourite tipple.

Thank you to the wonderful Chocolate and Love for this month’s surprise inside your glorious tea box. Chocolate and Love are award-winning chocolate connoisseurs who have spread their passion for sourcing the best quality cacao beans and creating the most flavoursome dark chocolate which has an ever-growing appreciation all over the world. We have been fortunate enough to partner with them to give you lovely lot another good idea for a Mother’s Day gift – after all who doesn’t love chocolate?! We think their packaging works perfectly with our newly updated BRUU box too; floral and elegant.

On a final note, have a lovely March everyone; enjoy your teas and remember Easter is early this year and is at the end of the month – we hope you have an ‘egg-cellent’ time!

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