Our August 2019 Subscription Box...

Our August 2019 Subscription Box...

Out with the old, in with the new...

Fruit tea is often overlooked in favour of more traditional tea, but we wanted to give it a chance this month to shine on its own. We might be nearing September at an alarming rate (where has this year gone?), but we’re convinced that summer hasn’t ended yet, if the recent spell of hot weather in the UK is anything to go by.

So, this month we want to encourage you to try some fruit tea in an iced tea format. You will notice an extra tea in this month’s box, called Lemon Waffle, simply follow the instructions below and voila;

  How to make Ice Tea

  1. BRUU your Lemon Waffle as normal, with hot water, and then set aside to cool. 2. Fill a large jug with complimentary fruits to garnish; lemon and apple in this case
  2. When the tea has cooled, add to the jug and stir well
  3. Add scoopfuls of ice to chill the tea further
  4. Pour into your favourite cocktail glass over plenty of ice
  5. Serve with a cocktail umbrella and a twist of lemon zest to garnish. Honey is optional!
In other news we have made a few big decisions here at BRUU HQ. Over the last month or so, we’ve been working really hard behind the scenes, deciding on ways to make our box pack more of a punch. If we are going to turn BRUU into the world’s best tea club, then we need to take our boxes to the next level and right now, being honest, they just don’t cut it!
Based on members feedback you have asked for more providence, more tea, better surprises, more education… and that is exactly what we plan on throwing your way!

So, this should be your last ‘standard’ BRUU box, before we go all out, and deliver on that promise…a bigger, better, more exciting BRUU. Thank you all for your continued support, and honesty, which has helped us reach the next chapter in our mission to help people discover exciting new teas.

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