Does Tea Naturally Contain Any Sugar?

Does Tea Naturally Contain Any Sugar?

Cancer Research UK is fundraising this February by challenging people to go sugar-free. But what exactly would that mean to you? According to the Cancer Research website, going sugar-free can help in all kinds of ways;

Added sugar and junk food go hand in hand. Unfortunately, junk food and feeling great doesn’t! Enjoy how good you feel with less junk in your life.

Cutting down on sugary foods means there’s more room in your diet for nutrient-dense foods like fruit, veg, whole grains and pulses. So not only are you enjoying the benefits of eating less sugar, but you can also get in more beneficial nutrients.

Reducing your sugar intake helps you avoid extra weight gain and keeping a healthy weight cuts the risk of 13 types of cancer. Making small changes that fit in with your life means it’s easier to stick with them long term, and remember you can still treat yourself every now and then. Even little changes can add up to a big difference overall.

While it’s no secret chocolate and cakes are high in sugar, it’s surprising where else you might find it hidden. When you’re taking on the challenge, you might find you’re paying more attention to nutrition labels and ingredient lists which helps you work out the surprising places sugar finds its way into. Plus you can learn to be a better cook by trying out some sugar-free recipes!

Sugar can be addictive. Give it up this February and your willpower to avoid it will be much stronger by the end of the month. It’s time to say yes to saying no.”

Sugar creeps into all kinds of things you wouldn’t expect, and rather guilty, some of our teas even have it in, but we have recently changed our labelling to help out with that one, so not to worry, and as always, if you have any questions, we are just on the end of a phone.

But… if you have a naturally sweet tooth but don’t want to have sugar, this is where we can really help… we have some super sweet teas that are totally, naturally, and deliciously moreish.

Ginger Honey

A clever, dairy-free, tea that tastes like it has a lashing of cream, but it doesn’t! This one will leave you longing for more.

Fruity Chai

A lovely Chai - creamy notes envelop spicy aromas, combined with sweet, vibrant fruits. Prominent notes of citrus (orange) pair extremely well with the spices in this blend.

Grandma’s Garden

Who does not remember grandma and grandpa’s colourful, tempting garden? The large rhubarb leaves on pink, thick stalks unfold in summer. Delicious strawberries were secretly plucked from the bush and immediately eaten. The blue-black blackberries, left coloured teeth after having been secretly stolen from the bush. All these aromatic treasures of sweet, tangy and delicious fruits and berries on a colourful and appetising fruit tea blend let the dreams of childhood live again!


Colourful caffeine-free calming fruity-floral infusion. This might be our best BRUU ever. There you go, we said it!

So if you dare go sugar-free, and you think you can do it, we will all be right here to hold your hand through it all! you can also find more information on the Change for Life website.

Good luck!

Love team BRUU xxx

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