Popcorn Flavoured Tea - How We're Celebrating National Popcorn Day

Popcorn Flavoured Tea - How We're Celebrating National Popcorn Day

The 19th January 2020 it is national popcorn day and from all of us at BRUU this excites us as one of our amazing luxury tea blends key flavourings is popcorn!

Hand reaching into bowl of popcorn

 This blend tastes just like popcorn, although the flavour does not come from actual popcorn it actually comes from fire toasted rice giving it that sweet and nutty flavour that we all know and love. 

The tea is a sencha green tea and it comes from Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. This part of japan is well known for its long history of volcanic activity with 11 volcanos still active. This tea is best enjoyed at temperate of (not as hot as a volcano) 80 degrees and brew 1tsp for 1-2 minutes to enjoy a really nice cup of tea.

Here’s some more about popcorn:

Popcorn started becoming popular in the middle 1800s in the United States when a sweat shop owner developed a machine that popped the corn with steam.  By 1900 he had horse pulled popcorn wagons going through the streets of Chicago.

The word corn means grain in old English.

Popcorn is not just eaten as a snack; popcorn is also used within art and craft for example popcorn necklaces or Christmas tree decorations.

Happy popcorn day from all of us at BRUU.

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