7 Interesting Facts About Tea

7 Interesting Facts About Tea

We know that a lot of people all around the world love tea, but some people may not know a lot about it. Here are some interesting facts about tea you may not know:

  • Did you know that tea was first introduced to Britain in the early 17th century? It was very expensive and only for the rich. The wife of King Charles II, Catherine of Braganza, made tea drinking a ritual when she introduced it to the Royal Court.

  • Tea was originally used for medicinal purposes such as detoxification and was often chewed instead of being drunk.

  • According to folklore tea was first introduce when the leaves from some tea bushes blew into the water that servants were boiling, to purify it for Emperor ShennNong to drink. He was a mythological Chinese deity in Chinese religion and respected as a mythical sage ruler of prehistoric China.

  • Green tea is known as a super-food which is a new term for food when it is packed full of powerful nutrients. It is said that green tea can sooth a sore throat, regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

  • China are the largest consumers of tea in the world, thanks to its large population, however per capita Turkey, Ireland and the UK take the top three spots.

  • China, Sri Lanka and Kenya export the most tea worldwide, at around one million tonnes between the three of the counties.

  • In Tibet people have been using butter to flavour their tea since before the 10th Century. They did this because of their diet to increase calories from content of the butter that is made from Yaks.

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