Martin Robert Hall Visits BRUU HQ

Martin Robert Hall Visits BRUU HQ

On what would have been a normal Friday waiting for the weekend to begin, turned out to be one of the best Fridays that actually ended too quickly!

BRUU had a visitor to the office called Martin Robert Hall, a motivational speaker from Manchester. He was happy, smiley and straight away created an energetic atmosphere amongst the team. Martin kicked off the talk with a great inspirational story about one of his clients that he helped get to the Olympics and how having the right mindset is so important in winning performances - whether in sport, business or your personal life.

Martin explained to us how our minds can often play tricks on us, how our surroundings and previous experiences can make us see certain situations differently, and how seeing the positive can have a huge impact on the quality of your experiences and therefore lives.

Martin then went onto explain personalities and how we are all wired to be unique but share similar traits. This part was a particular favourite with the team as we enjoyed learning more about the types of people we all are and how best to deal with each other.

I found the talk so inspirational that at the end of the day I vowed to try this both with my work life but also at home. At the weekend my husband and I were teaching our little boy to ride his bike but he was getting so irritated at falling off that he began to cry and called himself a failure and vowed to give up. We encouraged him to try again, this time filming him. When we played the video back we showed him how far he had gone on his own and what he had done right instead of wrong. The tears went away and were followed by the biggest smile.

We want to say a huge thank you to Martin for visiting BRUU HQ and we're sure our new found inspiration and positivity will be feeding into our future BRUU boxes. 

Learn more about Martin here, we would highly recommend it!

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