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Lovely Liquorice, the miracle cure!

We LOVE hearing from our customers and reading all about your thoughts and opinions on your tea blend favourites, it really brightens up our day knowing you are enjoying BRUU. So, we have decided that once a month we will choose a customer who has sent us a wonderful message to dedicate a blog post to them and their favourite teas.

This month we have chosen a lovely lady called Emma; a newly devoted BRUU infusiast but has been a tea lover for years, Emma’s only regret in life is that she didn’t discover us sooner. Emma heard about BRUU via a Buzzfeed article and has not ‘looked bag’ since. Emma is well travelled, living in Slovakia and Asia, she was spoilt for choice when it came to tasty loose tea blends.

Her first BRUU box contained Lovely Liquorice; Emma says she was dubious at first as liquorice can be quite an acquired taste, however a fabulous motto she goes by is ‘you have got to try everything once’, and she loved it! Unfortunately prone to sore throats, Emma has looked up all sorts of remedies to cure a nasty bought of tender tonsils but never found anything effective or fast acting…until now.

Lovely Liquorice ‘is a miracle cure’ – Emma’s words, not ours! After a couple of cups of this marvellous tea, our lovely customer’s throat was noticeably better, a miracle in a cup! Emma’s favourite tea so far is Flourish. It’s delicate flavours help to calm and relax, enabling Emma to have a good night’s sleep. Another favourite is If Terry’s did Rooibos because of its chocolate orange-esque resemblance, yum!

Thank you to Emma who provided us with so much detail into her favourites and why, we adore reading these! If you would like the opportunity to voice your blend preferences, simply send us a quirky email and we will choose our favourite for next month!

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