Improve Your Office Day! An Insiders Look at Bruu HQ

Improve Your Office Day!  An Insiders Look at Bruu HQ
It was improve your office day last Friday did you know?… no, we didn’t either! But… that being said, we thought we would share some of the favourite bits about our office, a little look behind the scenes at BRUU HQ.

Firstly, there are our little blasts of inspiration on the walls throughout the office. Who doesn’t love a perfectly placed motivational or humorous quote! We even have a toilet called ‘John’ and he tells us ‘No job is complete until the paperwork is done…’ makes us chuckle every time!

Our hand painted mural. A very talented local artist, Vanessa Husband, came in and hand drew a beach scene, as who doesn’t love an ocean view!

Our hammocks… I mean, what isn’t to love here!

Our library, filled with inspirational books. Encouraged to take home and read, to broaden our minds, and quite often used to inspire us in our Monday morning team meetings.

Our gratitude wall, highlighting our smaller, but no less important achievements.

Our drinks machines, for when we get bored of tea, we have a super fancy coffee machine, or for Friday afternoons (strictly!) we have a beer tap, that pours a perfectly chilled pint!

We didn’t fancy boring and humdrum beige carpet in the office, so we went for the obvious choice… astro turf! Occasionally we like to embrace our inner hippy and strut around barefoot, so it’s the next best thing to actual grass… and a lot less high maintenance!

So in summary, we do improve our office… often, BUT where we work is incredible, we are a lucky bunch. Add in to all of that the fact we treat each other as family and have our daily boomtime, team meetings, socials… We are team BRUU FOREVER!

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