Ice, Iced, Baby! Iced Tea Ideas

Ice, Iced, Baby! Iced Tea Ideas

Well, aren’t we being blessed with such lovely weather at the moment! With the majority, if not all of the UK basking in in glorious rays of sunshine, you need to remember to keep yourself hydrated, after all building up our tans can be thirsty work.

With what sort of beverage I hear you say! BRUU can be the best of both worlds; hot or cold our blends can be scrumptious either way and it is a well-known fact that hot beverages can actually cool you down in warm weather. Either way, you’re onto a winner…simply choose your favourite BRUU blend, steep it and either drink hot or add ice cubes and make an iced delight!

Here at BRUU HQ we recently tried our popular rooibos, Strawberry Milkshake as an iced tea and oh how it boosted our mood whilst being in the office when the sun has been shining and tempting us outside! If you’re spoiled for choice and simply can’t choose which BRUU to try, here are a few ‘ice’ ideas to make and taste. 

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