How to keep warm with BRUU this winter

How to keep warm with BRUU this winter
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Winter often brings freezing temperatures and icy winds, making it essential to find ways to stay warm and cozy. A cup of hot tea acts as a natural internal heater, warming you up and providing immediate comfort. The warmth radiating from the cup is not just physical; it wraps around you like a familiar hug, making you feel instantly at home.
What we eat and drink can increase/decrease the warmth in our bodies, such as cold food will decrease the heat in our bodies and vice versa.  Drinking GREEN tea is cooling our bodies, even though when drinking green tea we feel it warm in the mug it actually cools down the body, these are the properties it has to us. Green tea is appropriate for Spring but not ideal for winter
Hearing this might make you feel sad, as green tea delivers so many health benefits and it is a national favourite beverage in the UK, people drink 2-3 cups of green tea a day, Wow! You can add; Ginger, mint, or jasmine to your green tea for a warmer sensation, as warm flavours + cooling nature make a neutral tea for those who can't live without it. 
Toasty Teas - The best remedy for a cold day
Black tea - It is not only beneficial for heart health but also has a rich and bold flavor, and contains natural compounds that help increase body temperature, making it an excellent choice for keeping warm during winter.
Chai tea - Chai tea, with its blend of spices and black tea, not only provides a comforting warmth during winter but also offers immune-boosting benefits, aids digestion, and promotes stress relief, making it the perfect beverage to indulge in this season.
Oolong tea -  Oolong tea, with its metabolism-boosting properties, immune system support, and relaxing effects, is a beneficial choice to stay healthy and warm during the winter season.
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- Chai fire (If you are up for the challenge!)
During the cold, damp, and dark winter months, your body may feel chilly and lack energy; however, you can enhance your warmth internally by enjoying teas that provide a warm sensation, not just in temperature, helping you stay cozy and revitalized.

Grab yourself a warm BRUU this winter 

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