How To Improve Your Health With Rooibos Tea

How To Improve Your Health With Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea has been consumed in southern Africa for centuries. Now, it is becoming a popular drink all around the world.

Drinking rooibos tea is just as delicious as it is healthy! This herbal tea comes from the Fabaceae plant family and grows in South Africa. The leaves from this plant are taken and fermented to be turned into tea. Rooibos means ‘red bush’, and the tea is also sometimes called bush tea, red tea, or red bush tea.

Advocates praise this South African tea for its potential health benefits - including cancer prevention, heart disease protection, and reduced risk of stroke.

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Here are some reasons why you should include Rooibos tea in your lifestyle:

1. Rooibos tea is caffeine-free

Love a good cup of tea but hate the caffeine? Well, Rooibos is just the drink for you! Rooibos tea is a delicious and healthy alternative to regular tea that is naturally caffeine-free. This means you can enjoy a cup any time of day without any of the usual jitters. In fact, rooibos tea is excellent for those who are pregnant or have any health conditions that mean they should avoid caffeine. 

2. Loaded with Antioxidants

Brewing up a mug of rooibos tea is like giving your body a triple antioxidant whammy! This herbal remedy is rife with a range of antioxidants, including three of the most potent kinds. 

Polyphenols are a powerhouse when it comes to antioxidants. They help reduce infection and boost the immune system. Aspalathin is great for balancing blood sugar levels, and quercetin can keep your heart healthy and bring down blood pressure. All three of these antioxidants can be found in rooibos!



3.  Burns Fat

If you're looking to manage your weight healthily, drinking rooibos tea is a great option! Rooibos is low in calories and naturally sweet, meaning it can help to satisfy your sweet tooth without adding excess calories.

But that's not all - the research on rooibos shows that it can also help reduce stress hormones, which can encourage the body to store fat. So sipping on this tea can help to keep your energy balanced and prevent the formation of unwanted fat reserves.

If you're looking for a sweet treat to satisfy your cravings, try Terry's Rooibos or Crème Brûlée. They're two of our favourites.

4.  Great for Heart Health

Did you know that rooibos tea is excellent for your heart? Many people know that green tea can help keep the heart-healthy, but few realise that red tea has even more benefits.

Rooibos can keep your cholesterol levels in check and reduce your risk of heart disease. In 2011, a study found that participants who drank six cups of rooibos tea every day for six weeks had lower LDL levels (bad cholesterol) and higher HDL levels (good cholesterol). This is excellent news for those of us who are keen to keep our hearts healthy!

5.   Delicious

I hope I've convinced you that rooibos tea is a wonder drink already, but just in case - let's have another look at just how yummy it is. When brewed properly, Rooibos has a deliciously sweet and nutty flavour with a touch of honey sweetness. For the best taste, be sure to use freshly boiled water!

You can drink your rooibos tea hot or cold, so it's simple to enjoy. And you can add in any other ingredients you like - be creative and try cinnamon sticks, citrus fruit, honey, or ginger for tasty variations on the flavour of this caffeine-free wonder drink!

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