Tea Detox - Be a Better You with BRUU.

Tea Detox - Be a Better You with BRUU.

Have you ever come across a top-notch healthy, fit and happy person? They’re consistently buoyant, positive and nothing phases them. Ever heard the term “You are what you eat”? Well that’s the basis to their magic and it’s easily available to you too. 

We all want to feel energised and have better concentration. We want to heal faster from injuries (physical and emotional). We want to be at a lower risk from diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular issues. We want to feel and look great (healthy skin and healthy physique) and we want to sleep well and wake up easier, feeling more self-confident.

Firstly let’s start on a clean slate. A good detox is in order. That’s where BRUU Teatox can help. It’ll cleanse your insides to help your body function better. Whether you try our Teatox or choose some of our herbal blends that promote a number of health benefits – we have a good range to help!

Then as a priority…WATER! The human body is approximately 65% water and we’re continuously excreting the stuff from tip to toe. In a nutshell, get guzzling that H2O!

Let’s continue creating you into a consistently healthy, happy human. 

Fast Food? 10 pints of lager? Pasties and pies? Oh dear, a temporary taste fix sadly isn’t the answer. 

Really, we should treat ourselves this way.  Daily you’re going to need, as precedence, leafy greens, fruit and vegetables. Next up, nourish yourself daily with whole grains, seeds and nuts, good fats and oils, and dairy products (if possible). Some fish, seafood, poultry and lean meats will also help but not as often and as much as the priority food groups. Add some spices, herbs but limit the salt and sugar. Smaller portions to prevent obesity and chew the goodness long enough to lower levels of the ‘hunger hormone’ circulating in the digestive system.

Right, I think you’re on track now. Imagine you’ve fed and watered yourself this way for around 28 days. You’ve just created a habit. Not a diet, a lifestyle. You know exactly how to look after yourself because you feel and look great each and every day, life has become a doddle. Others are going to notice and be inspired by you. 

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