How Much Loose Leaf Tea Do I Use For A Cuppa?

How Much Loose Leaf Tea Do I Use For A Cuppa?

It’s a real skill getting quantities right for the majority of things in life; if you are like us, we can never get food portions the right size, always making enough for at least a generous sized family, or if like me…enough for thirds!

When it comes to loose tea, you need to tread carefully – not only because it’s a delicate substance but because too much or too little can significantly affect the taste of the end result. So, our advice for how much loose tea depends on the tea in question. When it’s our turn to do the tea round at BRUU HQ, we have a tea infuser that is for a group of people, meaning we put a teaspoon of tea in for each person wanting a cuppa. That is the general rule; a teaspoon per person. Our tea-egg infusers are big enough for a single cup of tea, as long as you don’t pack the tea in too tight in the infuser, you will allow the leaves to expand and steep perfectly.

Make sure you check your BRUU tea sachets as each tea quantity differs; if you follow the quantity and steeping time, the rest will fall into place and you’ll be enjoying a glorious cuppa in no time!

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