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How do we drink ours?

NEWSFLASH… here at BRUU towers, we are partial to a good cuppa, on that we all agree, but how we prefer it is completely different.

From our tea of choice, through to brewing time, temperature, sweetener, milk, down to how we hold our cup, or indeed if we prefer a mug… you get the idea!

This is totally okay, whenever we get a newbie among our ranks, it can be quite intimidating when it comes to putting the kettle on. With over 80 teas to chose from, it can be quite a challenge picking your favourite! But, here we are, busting the tea snobbery myths one BRUU at a time. I thought you might be quite interested to know what we drink…

Greg, on customer service, loves a cup of Somerset BOP, in a glass cup, half a teaspoon of honey, warm - not hot, and his favourite hold of choice is the cup hugger – you know the one, where you snuggle up with it.

Vicky, our sales manager, loves Strawberry Milkshake, in a glass cup, no sweetener, piping hot, and holding a cup like the classy English girl she is

Michael, another sales guru, would always go for strong black tea, something like our Bippity Boppity BRUU, in a mug, a splash of milk, again with the classic ‘English’ hold.

Anneka, our founder, goes bonkers for anything fruity - our Malibu tea always goes down a storm, in a glass cup, and if she is feeling particularly fruity, adding a strawberry too, always red hot.

Scott, in operations, loves an Earl Grey, with one sweetener, warm - not hot, and very definitely holds a cup like he is royalty, after all, he is married to the boss!

And then there is me – my tea drinking habits have changed so much since I started here, my eyes have been well and truly opened to the world of loose leaf tea. I love Flourish and Chococa Black, neither with milk or sweetener, pretty much boiling, in a mug, and obviously, I hold mine like the Jedi I really am! 

Phew… now I’m thirsty, said loudly to the office – “Whose turn is it to get the kettle on?” And our internet connected kettle jumps into life! Sophie xxx

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