Happy BRUU Year 2020

Happy BRUU Year 2020

2019 has been quite a year to remember for us. BRUU has come a long way since the start of the year, we have released some amazing new tea flavours and been lucky enough to help inform our lovely customers and friends at the same time. 2020 will be another year to remember for the team and everyone out there. As we grow and prosper in the industry, we are becoming more and more recognised for our work. The BRUU team put an awful lot of work into bringing you the best possible flavours, in doing so we get to experience some extraordinary sights and people. The work doesn’t stop though, we will continue to bring the best blends to the market. We have one of the best selections of tea flavours in the UK and we only want to grow that and bring you so much more to try and love.

For those of you who are unaware or are new to us, we are a loose tea subscription service. Every month you get three teas of your choice alongside a new tea that we call our ‘Discover Tea’. We also give you some cool little gifts that are related to that month’s theme. This is a unique way of giving people the opportunity to try something completely new or maybe even something they wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to each and every one our customers and subscribers, without you this journey for us would not be possible. The team is so much more than grateful and happy that you sit in your homes and enjoy a nice hot cuppa that we were able to bring to you.

The BRUU team is delighted to say that 2019 has been amazing overall and we are looking forward to making 2020 even better. At BRUU we like to bring joy to those who drink our tea, we also like to make sure our customers have all the info they need so if there is any questions you would like to ask about us or any of our prodcts make sure to just get in contact with us either via email: hello@bruutea.co.uk, phone: 01748 471 099 or via any of our social media accounts.

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