Does Temperature Make a Difference to the Taste of Tea?

Does Temperature Make a Difference to the Taste of Tea?

You might think that boiling the kettle and adding tea is a simple job, but you might seriously be affecting the taste of your cuppa by not infusing your tea at the right temperature! 

In fact, each variety of tea, from green to black, needs to be prepared at a different range of temperatures.  Due to its more delicate processing, green tea often needs a cooler temperature to bring out the right flavour. Conversely, black tea, which has been fully oxidized, needs much hotter water to bring out its characteristic baked sweetness.

Here is our suggestion to help you enjoy our fine yummy teas at their very best.  For example, to infuse our Lemon Green the water needs to be at 80°c.

If you don't have a kettle that allows you to select your temperature that's not a problem. All you need to do is boil your kettle and instead of filling the cup to the top, fill it to only 70%. Then for the remaining 30% left add cold water. This will roughly give you a water temperature of 70°c.

Here are a few more examples:-

  • 80°c tea -  Fill cup 80% with boiling water and the rest with cold
  • 90°c tea – Fill cup 90% with boiling water and the rest with cold

We recommend checking each of our tea cards for the correct bruuing instructions, which can also be found on the website if you lose them! But below is a rough guide you can use.

  • Black tea: 100°

  • Green tea: 80°C 

  • White tea: 80°C 

  • Oolong tea: 90°C

  • Herbal tea: 100°C

  • Rooibos tea: 100°C

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