Can Tea Stain Your Teeth? An FAQ

Can Tea Stain Your Teeth? An FAQ

Now, if we are to be entirely truthful, the answer is yes; HOWEVER…

There are varying degrees of teeth staining we are talking about here. Generally, the rule of thumb is, the darker the tea, the stronger the staining.

Dark teas tend to have more tannins in, and when tannins build up on your tooth enamel, discolouration can occur. A tannin is a natural organic product found in the tea plant, so obviously it is unavoidable. But, if you were to drink a green, fruit, chai, or herbal tea, the discolouration would be minimal, if at all.

It will come as no surprise to you all, that here at BRUU HQ, we are tea fiends, literally… as soon as one BRUU is finished, we are fantasising about the next, and we have heaps to choose from, so you would think we would all have the worst teeth… but honestly, our nashers are all fairly white and sparkly… thank you very much!

Add to that the fancy home oral hygiene products you can now get, and really you are completely covered to drink as much tea as you like! Just make sure you brush your teeth twice a day… Dentists orders!

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