Why Does Tea Make You Need to Pee More?

Why Does Tea Make You Need to Pee More?

Tea is a
 delicacy known and consumed by most of the worldLast week we got asked whether drinking tea makes you need the toilet more or less, so we thought we would answer it here.

Arguably, drinking any warm substance increases the temperature within our digestive tract, causing digestive enzymes to react, which results in a more frequent urge to use the bathroom. And, with many teas containing caffeine, this can speed things up further.

So, does that mean that
 you will use the toilet more when we drink tea? If you only consume caffeinated tea then yes. However, for the regular drinker, this will not be a problem and this reaction will only be noticed for those drinking in excess - which includes everyone at BRUU HQ!

So, what do we recommend? We see no harm in regular consumption of caffeinated tea, as the benefits of tea far outweigh the downsides. But, if you are finding the need to go to the bathroom more, after drinking tea, you could switch to a caffeine-free alternative.

It is worth remembering that tea is a natural product, brewed from leaves, and is packed with antioxidants and health-giving benefits. Also, tea has a detoxifying effect on the body, especially if you regularly consume powerful herbal and green teas, so this flushing effect, whilst inconvenient, is actually really good for your body. 

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