Does Tea Help You Sleep Or Keep You Awake?

Does Tea Help You Sleep Or Keep You Awake?

Now we’ve all been there, haven’t we? A stressful day at work, a mountain of washing up, and a brain that won’t switch off at bedtime. There comes a time that some of us try to look for reasons for our triggered insomnia; I know I’ve been there. Is tea a trigger, and keeping you awake? That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? You want answers, and here I am. Hero, I know!

Yes, some teas can keep you awake if they contain the stimulus ‘guarana’, but generally, you are safe, as most tea doesn't contain caffeine, which is more likely to keep you awake. Teas to stay away from before bed are; black, white or caffeinated green teas. Another factor to consider is your bodies caffeine tolerance too. We all have that one friend who is more coffee than human, so for them drinking tea before bed is no issue. However, if you function daily without caffeine, and rarely drink it, it may be best not to drink tea one or two hours before going to bed.

But, I hear you saying “I want to be able to drink tea before bed and not be kept up”. Well, you can! There are many teas out there designed to help with sleep and to reduce stress (also known as lifesavers). They tend to contain more natural substances that help to relax your body and that overworking mind. Chamomile tea and lavender teas are known to help you sleep. Here at BRUU, we sell both Camomile Tea and lavender tea which is just what you need. If you fancy something a bit more fancy we also have the Night Night Detox Tea. These teas are designed to have the perfect balance of natural substances to relax you, so just right to have before bed and won’t keep you up all night!

We would love to hear here how these teas are helping you. And if they have helped you to catch some needed zzz's. So please let us know at

So to recap…

We all can’t sleep as it is and don’t want a nice cup of tea before bed to keep us up. Too many of the wrong tea can, but if you stay with the correct teas, you’ll be just grand. One thing I have to say though before you go off and buy our tea is that although tea won’t keep you awake, too many cups will keep your bladder awake all night and now that’s another thing to research now isn’t it. Does tea make you need the toilet more? Haha now you’re embarrassingly typing that into your search engine, aren’t you?

Now go and put the kettle on I hear a calming chamomile tea calling your name before bed, now that’s an order!

Jodie xxx

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