Does a $1,500 tea machine make a better BRUU?

Does a $1,500 tea machine make a better BRUU?

It’s all the rage these days, tea machines that promise the perfect BRUU, a “perfect” cup of tea each and every time. Right off the bat, I can say, it’s more of a marketing strategy than fulfilling a guarantee.

Sure, who can say no to great tea? But, is spending $1500 on a super tea machine really going to make much of a difference? My take on this is pretty simple; you can buy the most expensive, up-to-date technology to brew your tea, however, if you don't have quality tea in the first place then that technology is pretty much useless. It's like trying to bake a cake with the most advanced equipment you could find and then using out of date ingredients. 

In the quest for the perfect brew, manufacturers have failed to realize the perfect cup of tea starts with quality tea. And anyway, what happens if the machine lets you down one day - "computer says no tea today". Tea preparation is a very simple process and all it requires is quality tea, hot water and patience.

Here at BRUU, our gourmet loose tea guarantees you a perfect cup each time. No marketing strategy, no fancy machines. Our tea comes with simple directions that you can follow, and you can bet it’ll be perfect every time. 

So next time you are wondering if you need a gadget to make better tea, you heard it here first.

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