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Competition: BRUU with a VIEW

Your photo, featured in our 2018 BRUU Calendar

Here is our latest competition, BRUU with a view. This is for our adventurous BRUU lovers as we ask the question; where do you enjoy your BRUU and does it have a view?

How to enter

We'd like you to take a photo of a cup of tea in a scenic location (as exotic as you wish), for a chance to feature in our 2018 BRUU Calendar. We'll choose 12 winners and each winner will be sent a calendar and some of our lovely teas.

To enter the competition share your picture with us on one of our social media pages, details below:

     To enter using Facebook, comment on this post with your photo, picture location and tea blend of choice. If you can then share our post with your friends we'd be super-grateful!
To enter using Twitter, tweet your photo, picture location and tea of choice and tag us in using @BRUUtea with the hashtag #bruuwithaview

Do's and Don'ts

  We want to see your fantastic scenic pictures, from all over – there are no limits on location! Some locations to inspire could be – beaches, castles, mountains, landmarks etc.

  We would like you to involve your BRUU cuppa in the photo, like this below (hopefully more exciting than this example!) - 

  Sorry, NO selfies allowed! We simply want your scenic view and BRUU to take the spotlight.

  NO nudity, NO children, NO rude gestures or hidden messages please!

  NO Photoshop – This is a chance to show the world just how good your camera skills are! We are Photoshop professionals and can spot a superimposed image from a mile off, no matter how good your skills are! 

All we want are real places, real experiences and real good tea to be featured!

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