Do You Need Wedding Favours? Try Tea Favours!

Do You Need Wedding Favours? Try Tea Favours!

Flower Bouquet With Wedding Vials Full of Tea

Are you getting married this year or next? Do you have friends or family members who are in the midst of planning their big day? Well, if so why don’t you consider BRUU being part of your special occasion!

Gone are the days of chocolates, jams and chutneys and little crafty bits – say hello to gorgeous glass vales full to the brim of delightful-ness! Let us here at BRUU take the strain of sourcing wedding favours for your guests by going for wonderful vials of the best-tasting tea around; choose the teas, design your tags – make them as you wish and we will do the rest for you!

We have had many happy couples already approach us about wedding favours and it is such a lovely idea…after all, who doesn’t love tea! Your wedding is all about having things exactly how you want them to be, and combining your favourite things with your favourite person…it's perfection surely!

If you are interested and would love BRUU to be part of your wedding, please feel free to get in touch with one of our lovely team and we can make your tea dreams...reality!

What would you get in your vials?

✓ Gorgeous glass vials with cork lids
✓ Filled with tea(s) of your choice
✓ Personalised label with string
✓ Free delivery in time for your special day


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