Are There Benefits to Having Chilli In Your Tea?

Are There Benefits to Having Chilli In Your Tea?

Sales in spicy foods are on the rise and now even your favourite crisps and condiments are not safe, with manufacturers adding extra kicks of chilli in a rush to capture the hottest new high.

We must admit, that our appetite for spicy foods has also increased of late, but that may have been down to our visit to India and China in the last few years, where the word mild does not translate. 

So, we decided to introduce two new blends to the website last year, to scratch our chilli itch. Our Nice & Spicy Chai and Chai Fire are both sophisticated blends with some added heat - and we don't mean the hot water! Our Chai Fire is not for the faint-hearted and the added sensations from the chilli really do bring this tea into a new dimension. 

Benefits of chilli
But, chilli isn't just for the brave or numb tongued and has long been considered a vital ingredient for better health. Chilli is fantastic for improving blood circulation, aiding in hypertension (high blood pressure) and respiratory problems. The warming effects of the chilli promote quick and efficient cleansing of the bloodstream, pushing toxins out before they cause damage

The diaphoretic qualities mean that it induces perspiration on a small but plentiful scale which in turn equalises your circulation and restores health all over the body! It does this by stimulating nerve-fibres that relax and dilate your blood vessels, which in turn influences circulation, also helping to cure hypertension. Chilli tea is also good for digestion problems, again speeding up sluggish processes that need a boost back to optimum conditions. 

Here are a few other reasons to include chilli in your diet:

1. Helps with weight loss.
2. It's packed with minerals and vitamins.
3. It can enhance eye health.
4. It is thought to reduce the risk of cancers.
5. It can help with inflammation.
6. It has the ability to reduce stress and help depression.

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