Change is Coming - Our January 2017 Box

Change is Coming - Our January 2017 Box

Happy new year BRUU'ers,

It only seems like yesterday I was tucking into my turkey and sipping festive bubbles, but here we are already half way through January 2017! I think it’s time to set some goals for the year, don’t you?

First on my list will be shedding those few pounds I gained over the Christmas break and getting myself clean on the inside.  What better way to do this than with a 14 or 28 day Teatox?  BRUU Teatox is a loose leaf tea containing a powerful blend of natural ingredients aimed at giving your digestive system a much-needed cleanse. It’s one of the most natural and healthiest ways to detox your body and you’re guaranteed to feel amazing after it.  To get you on your way to feeling fantastic we’ve included a little something from Bounce in this month’s box, so we hope you enjoy them.

One of the biggest goals I have set this year is to WOW our members, even more! This means we’ll be planning our themes further in advance to get better surprises for you, we’ll be adding new teas to our range and improving the look and feel of the box. We’ve already started this with our new branded bags which are now less transparent to keep our teas fresher for longer. A new box, better information about our teas and website will all be coming soon, so watch this space.

To start the year off we want to introduce you to tea blends which are not readily available elsewhere and we hope you enjoy this month’s unique teas;

Vanilla Black - Vanilla is considered the queen of all spices.  The exquisite, intense and very popular taste of vanilla harmonises marvellously creating this luxurious black tea blend.

We Love Mango - A Chinese sencha green lovingly infused with sweet mango.  On the taste journey the sencha green leaf and the mango tastes never seem to separate. They appear to merge jointly creating one single unified tea. 

Rose Amour Black - A black tea blended with delicate English roses brings to mind rolling hills, church bells and country gardens. The delicate yet disappearing perfumed sweetness of the rose harmonised and complemented by the nuttiness of the black tea.  Sip with your eyes closed to relish in this luxurious beauty.

Right, I’m off for a run around the park.  Enjoy your teas and I can’t wait to WOW you more in 2017...

With love
BRUU Founder

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