Can Tea Help With the Menopause?

Can Tea Help With the Menopause?

We’re sure that many people within the BRUU family are aware of what exactly menopause is, but for those that aren’t, it’s when a woman’s body naturally draws to the end of her menstruation cycle and gradually transitions into a new phase of life. This is typically due to a slow decrease in hormonal production, causing changes in hormonal balances between estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone. There is no definitive age as to when a woman will go through menopause as it’s subject to individual factors, though it can sometimes be a challenging time for some women leaving them left feeling quite cheated and with many questions. An activity that could arguably be a lot easier if the topic wasn’t as much of a ‘taboo’ as it is, so we’re acting to break that taboo and shed some light on how we can potentially help relieve some of the symptoms, stresses and pains and if tea can play a role. 

How to relieve symptoms

Medical experts within the NHS have explained that there are three main avenues in which you can venture down in attempts to relieve some of the symptoms, stresses and pain of menopause:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) – tablets, skin, patches, gels, and implants that alleviate Menopause symptoms by replacing estrogen.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – a type of talking therapy that can help with low mood and anxiety.

  • Ensuring a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly – maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet whilst staying fit can improve some Menopause symptoms.

Though here at BRUU HQ we are in no position to make any judgements as to which avenue you venture down, and whilst strongly supporting women’s freedom of choice, we feel that ensuring a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly is the best option, and this is our avenue of choice. So, we’re going to break down which BRUU teas can help with menopause.

How Tea Can Help

To take full advantage of all health benefits, we recommend using our TeaTox Tea pack. Compiled of a Rise & Shine TeaTox Tea as well as a Night Night TeaTox Tea, it “helps to promote wellbeing by working on the digestive system to cleanse, detoxify and boost immunity.” Whilst promoting increased vitality, better skin, digestion and overall general health. Oh, and it also contains a variety of unique ingredients to support you through Menopause.

First is Ginseng. The root of plants within the Genus Panax family has been proven to reduce both the occurrence and severity of hot flashes as well as night sweats in women with Menopause. Further recent research established a connection between Ginseng usage within postmenopausal women and a decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Arguably an item of consumption that’s evidently of high importance within our diets.

Second is Valerian. Valerian root has fantastic health benefits ranging from treating insomnia, anxiety, headaches and stress.  A powerful nutrient that can not only help reduce hot flushes, relieve joint pain, and improve bone strength for those suffering from osteoporosis but places you on a pedestal of good health. This goes hand in hand with our third unique ingredient which is Liquorice. Whilst helping reduce red flushes, it also acts as a natural estrogen-like substance, improving a wide range of factors such as your respiratory health.

Another Tea that is fantastic for aiding in the easement of Menopause, is our Orange Ice Cream. Packed full of apple pieces, sour apple pieces, whole cape gooseberries and lots more, it’s ideal as a way to increase your vitamin and antioxidants intake. As if that wasn’t enough, the fresh usage of fruit only makes things easier, literally. They’re what’s classified as Phyto-estrogens. Found in certain foods are estrogenic compounds that bind with our estrogen receptors in the body's cells, increasing the total estrogenic effect. Due to them acting similar to estrogen, they may help in maintaining a more rigid hormonal balance. The tea’s base coding is that of a Green tea, strengthening our basic metabolism and decreasing risks of bone fractures within Menopausal women. Furthermore, Green tea contains Epigallocatechin Gallate or EGCCG for short. EGCCG boosts your overall metabolism and metabolic rate, thus helping to fight against weight gain which can be a secondary effect of Menopause.

We hope that this may help ease some of the stresses, symptoms and pains of Menopause, and, if you have any other tricks or advice please get in touch.

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