Can Tea Cure a Hangover?

Can Tea Cure a Hangover?

Although there is no definitive cure, aside from not drinking, many people believe they have cracked the enigma code of hangovers. Some say that an excessive amount of sleeping, diving into a mound of cheesy chips, or even a full hearty English breakfast is the key. But yet, no singular solution has been found. So, we decided to investigate.

Upon our investigation we came across a Scientific study conducted in 2013 by the NHS in which “Sprite, Pepsi and Tea” were all “Tested as hangover cures” and here’s what they concluded:

 "A Chinese laboratory study that measured the effect of different drinks on the speed of liver enzymes metabolise alcohol. Out of 57 drinks tested, researchers found that only two drinks increased the speed of two liver enzymes that reduce the amount of toxic chemical acetaldehyde. This chemical is produced when our bodies break down alcohol. The researchers tested 57 drinks, including 40 herbal infusions, 12 kinds of tea and five types of carbonated drinks. They added each drink to two different mixtures in the lab”

The results showed that tea increased the recovery time of a hangover as well as certain sugary drinks. But, when researching you must collect data from a variety of sources in order to establish validity. So, we turned our focus onto the stereotypical healing teas like green, where it was highlighted how they can also help. Overall, they recommended a collection of Ginger, Herbal and Chai teas. Although here at BRUU we recommend you ditch the alcohol, or drink in moderation and enjoy a clear head with a cup of tea instead.

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