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Can Dogs Drink Tea?

Ok, if you're like me dogs are everything in your life. We love to cuddle our dogs, walk our dogs and allow the occasional face lick!. As far as I am concerned, they make the ultimate companion. Even if you have had a bad day in the office, your car has broken down or heck, you lost a billion pounds, coming home to a dog will always make it better. So the thing is, we always want to treat our dogs with that little bit extra. A leftover piece of meat, a squeaky toy or even a nice stick to fetch. But given BRUU is a tea company, we wondered if it was safe to give dogs tea? 

Personal History

I would like to start with a story of my first dog. He was a Chocolate Labrador called George or also to me and my family known as the Master Thief Dog. The Napoleon of kitchen crime. This dog could steal anything and nearly eat anything. He loved meat and some vegetables but never peaches. He did not like peaches. Some of his best items he stole were oven cooking trays and even wooden spoons. He even loved Tabasco. He adored the hot spicy sauce and Tabasco soon became his favourite. The truth is, we were using it so he wouldn’t eat things. We were told to put drops of tabasco on the things but it just encouraged him all the more. 

So is it safe to give dogs human foods? The quick answer is yes, BUT, it depends on what it is. Not all human foods are safe for dog consumption but some are in modesty. Things like meats, some vegetables and grains are usually okay, but first consult a pet dietician first. 

So is tea safe for dogs?

The answer is no, tea is not safe for dogs. Most teas contain caffeine, which is a stimulant. Dogs are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than people. A couple of laps of tea or coffee are unlikely to do any harm, but if your dog swallows a handful of coffee beans or tea bags they could be in danger. Signs and treatment of caffeine poisoning are similar to chocolate toxicity.

On that note, some of our teas also contain chocolate chips. Chocolate contains the ingredient methylxanthines. What this does is stops a metabolic status which will result in diarrhoea and vomiting.  An even larger amount can lead to much worse outcomes such as siriasis, irregular heartbeat and the worse possible outcome death! We cannot stress enough how important it is to never feed chocolate to a dog.

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