BRUU is Getting Behind National Tea Day 2017

BRUU is Getting Behind National Tea Day 2017

WIN 4 TICKETS TO THE NATIONAL TEA DAY FESTIVAL at London's Kensington Roof Gardens on the 21st April 2017. To enter, please share and like our Facebook post below - or click here if you are on Twitter:


As well as being the Queen’s birthday, April 21st is also National Tea Day here in the UK - a day when we celebrate everything that's great about tea. Tea is the most consumed beverage in the UK so it’s quite apt that we have a day dedicated to it. BT said you can’t get a day that is anymore British and all that seems to be missing is for it to become a public holiday. @Clare_hh - who knows maybe someone important is listening who can make this so :-)

Last year National Tea Day was a huge success and was the most popular trending hashtag on Twitter. It got plenty of publicity around the world as the nation got behind it.

In 2017 National Tea Day is going to be even bigger and better. Tea houses around the UK will be inviting people in for afternoon tea, lots of big companies will be getting behind it, there is going to be a fantastic public launch party in London plus lots of other things we have been sworn to secrecy on. 

This year we’re getting behind National Tea Day so look out for us exhibiting at the launch party and also for a special themed BRUU box. Head over to their website to keep up to date on all the amazing things happening.

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