Books and BRUU - A Thought From The Founder

Books and BRUU - A Thought From The Founder
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After tea our second love here at BRUU is literature. Gladly they seem to have gone hand in hand together through the ages. 

Books are so magical and give us the opportunity to explore new depths of knowledge, fantasy and insight. As the founder of BRUU, I have never stopped learning and outside the office, you will usually find me engrossed in a book.

I have just finished reading Thinking, Fast and Slow which offers an in-depth view of how the human mind works from noble prize winner Daniel Kahneman. It's such a privilege to live in an age where information is so readily available. I particularly love reading autobiographies and understanding the workings of great men and women from the last 100 years.

I have amassed a modest collection of books over the last 10 years and today I decided to launch the beginnings of an employee library. I hope the team will enjoy reading the books as much as I have and perhaps adding their own favourites over time.

As the great Michelangelo said so simply at 87 years of age; "I am still learning", reminding us to avoid the trap of thinking we know it all and instead of being open to new learning.

What is your favourite book?

With love, Anneka

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