Benefits of trying BRUU Teatox

Benefits of trying BRUU Teatox

In this day and age when even the simplest kind of food is riddled with preservatives – everyone is getting into the hype of doing a “detox”.

But before jumping on the latest detox bandwagon –

Do you know what a detox is?

First, it is not what we eat or what we do. Our body has an inane process that detoxifies itself. So, even if we do not consciously detoxify ourselves, here’s the kick – it’s been doing that since we were born! Our body eliminates wastes and toxins in the normal process. The liver is the main organ for this process and is the filter for our blood and has the ability to neutralise toxins and turning them into substances that can be processed and eliminated by the kidneys.

What does a detox do?

The purpose of a detox is to act as support for our body’s natural process. That’s it. No magic or rocket science in there. It is merely boosting what our body does naturally. There are a number of detox processes out there and Teatox is one of the most successful.

Why try Teatox?

This type of detox comprises of, yes, tea. We all know how teas can be beneficial to our health so this does not come as a surprise. Certain teas contain ingredients that aid in our digestion process and boost our body’s detoxification process naturally.

If you want a simple and fairly easy way to detox, try the Teatox. You don’t need to do anything complicated or cut your food portions. With the Teatox, you can do it simply by drinking a cup of Rise and Shine, every morning as you wake up and then a cup of Night Night, in the evening as you go to bed.

With BRUU we have our own line of Teatox teas. We have a 14-day and a 28-day Teatox that you can try and we promise – no chemicals have been added to our teas, all you’d be getting is great tea with all its health benefits.

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