Three Benefits of Drinking Rooibos.

Three Benefits of Drinking Rooibos.

Rooibos is a wonderful, flavoursome tea blend; it’s certainly a favourite at BRUU HQ! There have been many studies conducted over the years that have proven Rooibos to be a great anti-inflammatory and alleviator. There are a number of minerals also found in this type of tea that can help in maintaining a healthy nervous system, go on get drinking!

Caffeine Free

The Rooibos plant grows naturally without any caffeine. This is important, as it means it does not need to undergo a chemical process to remove the caffeine. It means that people who do not want to drink caffeine and those who maybe can’t for health reasons actually drink Rooibos with no restriction.

Helps Sleep

Rooibos can be consumed as often as you wish and at any time of day. Many people choose to drink Rooibos before bedtime as it can help with insomnia. Due to its lack of caffeine, it’s known to help people to feel calm and relaxed.

Relieve Skin Conditions

Drinking Rooibos can help to relieve sore skin issues. If you have a sore area of skin, dabbing cold Rooibos tea in the affected area can reduce itchiness and inflammation. It is packed full of phenyl pyretic acid which aids in the clearing and improvement of acne and other skin problems.

Cancer Prevention

There have been some studies that have correlated a pattern between the consumption of Rooibos tea and the prevention of some cancerous mutations. The antioxidants found in Rooibos also possess anti-mutating qualities.

So, there you go - Rooibos is not only delicious but also extremely beneficial to your health! Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

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