An Average Day at BRUU

An Average Day at BRUU

What’s it like running a tea company? Well, if you’d like to find out – keep reading to see what a typical day for our owner might look like. After recently winning the 42 under 42 award from Insider Media for business owners and entrepreneurs, our founder wanted to shed light on what an average day might look like for him.  

It goes without saying that the first order of the day is to make a delicious bruu. It’s the perfect thing to wake him up, and he can sit and enjoy it at his desk while he reads through correspondence. After that, it’s straight onto the next task. This might be making sure that we’re on track for tea production or talking with suppliers and tea blenders to discover new and exciting flavours. Sometimes if he’s on a call with our suppliers he might sit in our office hammock, because what’s better than a cup of tea? Enjoying it in a comfy hammock rather than on a desk chair.

When we get these new teas, they go through the taste test first to make sure they’re something we know you, our customers will love. The whole office gets to have a sip of the new teas, but Scott has the final say in which ones he’d like to go ahead with. (Admittedly this isn’t an everyday thing but it’s much more exciting than the part where he has to trawl through and find the products).

The next set of tasks is liaising with the different departments. Typically, this involves going through marketing materials and approving newsletters or going through new ideas for things such as the affiliate programme and promotional events. This is also the time for looking at how to improve the website design and services. Flowing nicely into the next department, Scott talks to customer service. Our feedback is collected by customer service and is so important as it lets us know where to improve, not only in terms of our products – but the payment and delivery options and packaging. They then work together to come up with solutions to any issues.

After lunch, it’s time to start analysing all this information and using it to start doing some advance planning. This could be a range of things, and as with any business- it’s not always front-facing and may not affect the customer. For example, it could be something like changing packaging suppliers. The long story short is that, whilst there’s a frame for a typical day there are a lot of components that contribute to owning a business, so the tasks may vary by day.

One thing is for certain – a cup of tea makes it all better.

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