Accepting You Might Be a Tea Addict

Accepting You Might Be a Tea Addict

It’s a powerful obsession; every minute and hour revolves around your next fix – where are you going to get it, when it’s going to be, how strong it will be…it’s a definite addiction, but whether you want to overcome it is another story! Here at BRUU HQ, we never limit the number of cuppas we consume in a day…sometimes it’s 6, sometimes it fluctuates to 11 cups, we never tread below 6, anything below that is a disturbingly low number! Did someone say tea fanatics?!

There HAS to be a cup of tea fix first thing in the morning; as soon as you rise from your slumber, popping the kettle on is essential if you want to be able to function effectively. Once the first and we dare say the most crucial cup of the day has been sipped, you are ready for action…but the lingering thoughts of when your next cuppa will occur soon infiltrate your mind. There is no denying that the thought of ‘tea time’ repeats continuously and takes up the majority of thinking space in your brain but hey, there are certainly many worse things to haunt your thoughts!

Between 10-11 am, the comedown from your first-morning cuppa hits, you start slumping, you feel weak…you need a cuppa! Luckily the cold-sweats didn’t happen this time, but there are still many hours remaining of the day, it is a possibility! The downside to being a tea addict is the fact that it is a serious matter; it’s a way of life, it makes us who we are…a nice cuppa = a happy person. Surely everyone wants to be happy; tea is blooming brilliant and YES we have an addiction but do we want or need help…NO! 

A couple of cups later and lunchtime arrives, obviously a tea closely follows and 3 pm is renowned around the world as AFTERNOON TEA BREAK so it would be rude not to! You know the drill, many more kettle boils later and it’s supper time…the last cuppa of the day enables us to sleep like a baby!

Dusk turns to dawn...alarm rings; REPEAT! 

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