A change is coming to BRUU - Sept 2017 Box

A change is coming to BRUU - Sept 2017 Box

Last month we talked about change and encouraged our BRUUers to take some time to sit down, a cup of tea in hand and think about some positive changes you could make to end the year strong. We took our own advice and the BRUU team spent a day staring into some old tea leaves looking for inspiration for what the next steps are for BRUU.

Since starting BRUU we’ve done our best to introduce as many people as possible to better tasting tea and whilst I think we have done a fantastic job at that, it’s now time to look at how we can really improve BRUU and take things to the next level. So, what can you expect to see before the end of 2017:

1) New members area - Our tech team is developing an amazing new members area where you’ll be able to easily update your account preferences. You can pause or skip months, update your address and even increase the frequency of your deliveries to weekly or fortnightly if a monthly dose of BRUU isn’t enough.  

2) Tea engine - When you sign up to BRUU we ask you the types of tea you like and use this to carefully curate our monthly boxes - as we seek to balance tea discovery with personalisation. However, with our new tea engine, you’ll be able to get an even more personalised box. Within the member's area, you will be able to rate your previous teas and change preferences for future selections. So, if you didn’t like a tea that contains chocolate, just remove it and in future boxes, you will not get any chocolate. For all those members who like trying new things, our discovery option will still remain.  

3) A more exciting box with extra perks - We’re in the process of getting a nicer box created which will start to incorporate more gifts, surprises and member perks. We’ll also tailor the leaflet to be a little more educational. It’s a small step that will brighten things up.    

None of this would have been possible without your help. Big thanks to everyone that shared feedback in our survey which helped shape the recent changes coming soon to BRUU. So now, let’s get back to the real reason you are here...tea:

Blackcurrant Breeze – A winning combination of black tea and blackcurrant delivers a smooth, sweet tea with a floral ending. After Earl Grey, did you know that blackcurrant is the most popular flavoured black tea in North America? It makes the perfect afternoon blend, served without milk and a couple of scones with clotted cream and jam.

Pina Colada Green – A Caribbean green bursting with the taste of summer. Yes, it’s Autumn but we all need a bit of summer in us especially during these colder nights and this tea does just that. Subtle, sweet and almost smoky, we go cocoNUTS for this clever cheery tea.

Lovely Liquorice - We are crazy about liquorice. Liquorice is all the rage and everyone is loving this new taste in tea infusions. With its delicious aromatic sweetness and soothing qualities, it's easy to see why the humble liquorice plant has been treasured throughout history. The Egyptian Pharaohs, for example, were such big fans, that its use appears in hieroglyphics. And it's even said that there was plenty hidden inside Tutankhamun's tomb.

PS: With Christmas fast approaching you may want to check out our tea gift subscriptions over at BRUU.

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