Introducing Teatox

Introducing Teatox

It's January and the time of year when most of us are looking to lose a few extra pounds that we put on over Christmas. So we thought it was perfect timing to announce our new Teatox range which is a natural way to detox using tea and it comes in either a 14-day Teatox or 28-day Teatox.

Giving your body a regular detox is a fantastic way to get rid of all the chemicals and impurities the modern Western diet leaves behind. Once cleared our organs are able to work more effectively which shows in our energy levels, appearance and immunity. 

In the past detoxing involved dropping a special effervescent into a glass of water (usually ordered from a pharmacy) and avoiding food for 3-5 days. But these types of detoxes are not natural and can put your body under unnecessary stress. Plus the body naturally detoxes itself every day but sometimes it just needs a helping hand.

We created Teatox so that people could detox safely using ingredients that were 100% natural. Our 14 and 28-day Teatox's are made using a special blend of loose tea, herbs and spices which kick start your bodies natural detoxification process. 

But don't just take our word for it, order a Teatox today and see for yourself.

Benefits of Teatox:

✔ Burn fat & lose weight
✔ Boost energy
✔ Developed with experts in fitness and nutrition
✔ Boost immune system
✔ Aid digestion, reduce cravings + clearer skin
✔ 100% natural ingredients promote natural detoxification process

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