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8 Reasons why Tea is better than Coffee

We here at BRUU are not going into the argument over which hot beverage is better between tea and coffee, it's not needed. The is the obvious winner is tea. It is.  There are so many reasons why tea is superior to a drink at Costa or Starbucks and the list just creates itself. Here at BRUU, I have been limited to only giving my top eight reasons why tea is superior to coffee. Enjoy.

  1. The difference you can have before you boil.

    Ok this is just the first of many givens but, coffee is grounded black or brown beans it's the same every time and there is no difference. It's not exactly the most appealing thing to look at. Now tea can come as leaves, of different colours and in all different shapes and sizes. I have seen tea particles shaped like L for example, it's brilliant. What you can also do is add fruit pieces like mango or other such things, for example, we have a Gingerbread tea that has Rooibos Tea, Planted Almonds, Pistachios, Orange Peel, Coriander, Flavoring, Pink Peppercorns. You can’t make a coffee with such a variety of things. 


  1. The spectrum of colours

    Ok in this section there is no defense for any coffee drinkers to say no we win. The colour of coffee as mentioned above is brown, black and some white for cool milky effects.  Now that's hardly embracing the full majesty of the colour spectrum, is it? I have seen tea presented in every colour of the spectrum. It makes Joseph's technicolor dream coat look lacking.  There are the colours people might be more knowledgeable about like green, and reds, but there are oranges, purple, blue and so many more would it not be more interesting to have something that looks more visually interesting. 


  1. How much healthier it is

    We are now on the cusp of a new massive health craze. Despite companies telling you our product help you do this and that, tea is the original healthy drink. Now tea as we have discussed in previous blogs on how healthy tea with its antioxidants but compared to coffee, tea hydrates you boots your immune system and also especially green tea contains antioxidants which also help boost your immune system and does so many other things. All coffee does is dehydrate you and gets you addicted and when you stop having caffeine, gives you a splitting headache.


  1. The smell is just amazing

    Now again similar to reason number two coffee how tea is much more appealing to look at there is no way you can see that coffee could be tea when it comes to smell. There are so many different aromas that can entice your sense of smell compared to coffee that there is again no competition. When apart from the different leaves of tea providing a unique taste, you also got the items added such as ginger, and chocolate that creates thousands of combination and thousands of different smells.


  1. Tea can help you lose weight

    Most people think that this is an urban myth but it's quite true. Forget your special diet someone has just created or special formula that claims makes fat run away from your body. Tea is the original natural help lose weight supplement. Green tea is the best. Now, I am not saying that means you mustn’t eat well and exercise but green tea can help and you can prose our green teas here.  Can coffee do this?


  1. This is de-stress in a mug

    One of the I think most amazing things about tea from a personal point of view is how while it might work for some but not for others is how some tea can relieve stress and anxiety a bit and provide a calming soothing. while others may be better used as a routine complementary therapy for an underlying condition. Tea which has for example Peppermint or Lavender can be calming.  Coffee, on the other hand, can potentially if you have too much do the opposite and raise blood pressure and make you more rattled.


  1. It improves your brain

    This is not a lie and no, this is not an old tale this is been researched and the result of the said research is that regular tea drinkers have better-organised brain regions -- and this is associated with healthy cognitive function -- compared to non-tea drinkers.


  1. More eco-friendly

    The Tea industry is becoming one of the most eco-friendly industries in the world. There are so many small tea companies making minimal damages to the environment. It also companies most with establishments such as fair trade and gives as much back as it takes. You also have companies that sell tea bags creating new reusable ones and changing the material to be more environmentally friendly.


Well there you go and there are for me the top eight reasons why I believe tea is better than coffee. There are plenty more such as how tea helps you sleep and how wars have been started over it but here are our top eight reasons why.

What are your favourite reasons why tea is better than coffee? Do you agree or disagree? Comment down below and tell us your thoughts.

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