6 Reasons Why Tea is better Than Coffee

6 Reasons Why Tea is better Than Coffee
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We here at BRUU are not going into the argument over which hot beverage is better between tea and coffee, it's not needed. The obvious winner is tea. It just is.  There are so many reasons why tea is superior to a drink. Here at BRUU, I have been limited to sharing only six reasons - so let's get started!

The Variety of Teas

  • Okay, this is just the first of many givens but, coffee is grounded black or brown beans and it's pretty much the same every time and there are minimal differences. It's not exactly the most appealing thing to look at. Now tea can come as leaves, of different colours and in all different shapes and sizes. 

The spectrum of colours.

  • Coffee mostly just comes in a variety of different brown shades. Now that's hardly embracing the full majesty of the colour spectrum, is it? I have seen tea presented in every colour of the spectrum. It makes Joseph's technicolour dream coat look lacking.  Tea comes in reds, blues, yellows, purples, greens and more! It's certainly more visually appealing. 

Health Benefits

  • We are now on the cusp of a new massive health craze. Tea is a superior drink with its antioxidants - it hydrates you, boosts your immune system and more. Coffee mostly just stains your teeth and gets you hooked on caffeine. 

The Smells

  • Similar to reason number two, tea is much more appealing to look at but when it comes to smell it does take the cake. There are so many different aromas that can entice your sense of smell. Aside from the leaves with different aromas, you also get teas blended with other ingredients such as ginger, and chocolate. Which creates thousands of combinations and different aromas. 

 Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

  • Most people think that this is an urban myth but it's quite true. Green tea is the best for helping you to lose weight as it boosts metabolism. Now, I am not saying that means you shouldn't eat well and exercise regularly, because whilst green tea has these benefits it isn't a miracle cure for weight loss. So, cut out the coffee and start drinking green tea!

 It Can Help You De-stress

  • Chamomile teas and herbal teas are great for helping you de-stress.  For example, tea with peppermint or lavender really helps settle you into a calm state of mind. Additionally, peppermint teas help with digestive function and can help ease mild tummy aches.  Whereas coffee, if you have too much, raise blood pressure and make you more agitated.

Well, there you go my top six reasons why I believe tea is better than coffee. There are plenty more though, but I'll let you research those yourself! 

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