1. You'll taste the difference

Have you ever tried a really good cup of tea?

Tea tastes best when the right ingredients are used. The teas that you get in supermarkets are made using the lowest grade of tea called fannings or dust, then bulked up using artificial flavours. We only use the best tea leaves and totally natural ingredients in all of our blends. So don't be surprised if you find rose petals, whole orange segments or fresh chocolate pieces in some of our teas.

The smell alone is incredible. You’ll taste the difference.


Bruu box with tea cups and packets of loose leaf tea

2. Direct access to the best teas in the world

Every month we send you a personalised box of gourmet loose teas directly through your letterbox. You will get to try between 3-5 different teas each month depending on the membership you choose. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time and our packaging is designed to fit through your letterbox so you don't have to be in when it arrives.

One thing though, our tea might be more expensive than you’re normally used to paying in supermarkets, but that's because we pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest teas from Fairtrade growers around the world. You’ll be blown away by the taste, love the convenience and never look back.  


Bruu Box with teacup filled with black tea.

3. You'll get to 40 cups worth of delicious BRUU from just £10 a month.

Curious to try?

 It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up and you can cancel at any time so there really are no strings attached. If it's not for you, you're free to close your membership straight away and we won't bother you again.

We have a money-back guarantee so if you don't like it we will give you a full refund. So are you ready to take the plunge? You're just a few clicks away from tasting the best tea in the world...

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