5 Cool Things We Did In 2018

5 Cool Things We Did In 2018

We are only 15% into 2018 and here at BRUU, we have been making the most of every one of those 58 passing days!

The snow is falling heavy here at BRUU HQ, but the team are in high spirits for the plans we have for the year ahead. Whilst you are cosying up with a cup of tea, take a look below at 5 cool things that have happened and are happening this year here at BRUU!

  • We Moved!
    Yes, that's right, BRUU HQ moved to a bigger and better office. We have outgrown our current premises thanks to you amazing lot loving our teas.
  • We visited Sri Lanka
    Some of the team ventured off to Sri Lanka to source some of the finest teas for you to try and fall in love with. Look out for our future Sri Lanka themed box.
  • Surprises are getting better!
    Each month, your surprises will be getting better and better - we are fortunate enough to have partnered with a number of amazing brands already this year and the office is now stacked high with amazing gifts to go inside upcoming boxes.
  • Our tea engine is constantly improving
    Our clever little tea engine is constantly ever-evolving; this means that each and every month from now, your teas are more tailored to your preferences, meaning that you will love your selections every time!
  • We've diversified, a little!
    The best businesses start when you solve your own problem. We helped develop a wonderful line of machines which we now use to pack your teas. The time we save is put into making our boxes even better. Thinking other people may have the same problem, we started speaking to similar companies and discovered a whole new business in the process

    So as you can see we have been busy and have a lot more planned for the years ahead - keep your eyes peeled, it's only just beginning.

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