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Our most popular loose teas

We pride ourselves on creating really unique gourmet loose tea made with only the finest ingredients. So it's not uncommon to find whole strawberries, raspberries, half orange segments, rose petals, chunks of passion fruit and pieces of chocolate in our teas. In fact some of our blends are often eaten as snacks - like our Mango Loves Yoghurt which is 100% dried fruit pieces!

We love having so many wonderful loose tea flavours available and sharing them each month with our members is a real pleasure. So here are our top five BRUU teas as chosen by our lovely members:

Piña Green 

This exotic green tea has been blended with fruity ingredients which you'd normally expect to find in a beach cocktail. But it works well as a green and is a perfect tea for a summers evening.


This indulgent black tea has been created with chocolate and coconut in mind. It tastes as good as it smells and we're often told it tastes like a Bounty chocolate bar without the nasty ingredients. It's a totally tropical, luxurious and is perfect as a dessert tea.

Always takes toolong

A lot of people don't realise that tea comes from the same plant; Camellia Sinensis. Tea flavours vary so much based on the length of time the tea leaves are left to oxidize. White tea has the least amount of oxidation whereas black is left the longest and is much darker as a result. In the middle are green and oolong teas. So if you like green and black teas, which are the most popular, you will probably also like Oolong loose tea too.

Our toolong tea has been specially blended with olive leaves and passion fruit. The olive leaves give a wonderful citrus taste whilst the passion fruit helps to sweeten the palate. It is a perfect blend and can be drunk and enjoyed at any time of the day.

Licorice dream

If you like licorice then you will love this tea. It's a loose tea that packs a sweet licorice punch. It's a fantastic cleansing tea to help digestion after a meal and also great in the morning to help kick start your system.

If terry's did rooibos

We've blended chocolate and orange with the popular African red bush to create a wonderfully subtle and mellow tea. It smells fantastic and makes a perfect afternoon tea for when you feel like you need something sweet but without all the sugar. It's a hot favorite and is a regular occurrence in a lot of our tea subscription deliveries.

Check out some of our others teas and if you would like to discover better tasting tea every month then perhaps you could give our tea subscription a try.

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Dec 01, 2015 • Posted by Daniel Martin

Cant wait to receive my first BRUU box, it will be arriving on the 15th of December XD

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