Get Delicious Teas Delivered to Your Office!

Get Delicious Teas Delivered to Your Office!

We've had countless emails over the last few months from frustrated managers and office workers, sick of drinking bad tea at work. So we decided to do something about it and now we're on a mission to bring better tasting tea to your place of work.

So instead of dunking a miserable tea bag into your favourite mug on your break, you can enjoy a refreshing, healthy and totally delicious mug of our super duper loose tea blends.

If you want to see some proper loose tea in your staff canteen next time you reach for the kettle all you need to do is nominate your place of work by leaving some details here. Then we'll do the rest. But if your boss usually gets up on the wrong side of the bed each morning you may want to put together a tea syndicate instead and split the cost between your work colleagues.

And if you are the big cheese that runs the show looking to treat your valuable employees to better tea then hats off to you. And you might like to read this page instead.

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