Bruu's Loose Leaf Tea VS Big Name Tea Bags. What's the Difference?

Bruu's Loose Leaf Tea VS Big Name Tea Bags. What's the Difference?

It's Friday so we thought we'd have a bit of harmless fun by comparing one of our teas with a popular tea bag brand. 

In fact, the tea on the left was a favourite of mine until the day my eyes were opened to loose leaf tea once and for all. And guess what, it was the tea on the right that won my heart too.

The tea bag pictured is a Twinings Orange and Lotus Flower Green Tea. It's a popular flavour so I'm told and is available in most supermarkets.  

Now if you like these types of tea that's great, a lot of people still do. They're cheap, convenient and give you the impression that you are drinking something good for you. Unfortunately like most tea bags these days they're filled with fannings and dust. Technical terms used when grading the quality of a tea leaf. So you don't actually get much tea because fannings/dust are the tiny remnants left over after the sorting and crushing process.

So why do they still taste nice*?

*Loosely put

Well of the three main chemical senses, the smell is the main determinant of a food items flavour. So a food's flavour can easily be altered by changing its smell while taste remains very similar. In the case of our trusty tea bag, this is done by adding smelly artificial flavours. I bet you're feeling cheated now by that bag of dust?

Now compare this to our Orangery Lotus Green (pictured) that contains Grade A leaves (the best) and 100% totally natural ingredients; like those delicious orange segments and dried lotus flower petals. And because it's 90% loose green tea leaves you get all the benefits associated with green tea - which is another blog topic in itself.

The story gets worse for the humble teabag once the leaves are steeped. Look at how much a generous teaspoon of BRUU has expanded to reveal those lovely green tea leaves. 

Make your own mind up, but if you still need convincing the proof is in the pudding as they say - join our tea club now and enjoy better tasting tea.

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