BRUU in Collaboration With Red Letter Days

Update as of Feb 2022: We no longer sell through Red Letter Days.

Original 2015 Blog:

So we've got some really exciting news to share.

A while back we got told by a little birdie that the online gift experience giant, Red Letter Days (RLD), was looking for a tea company to be a sole supplier in their new gourmet gift subscription category.

Since our mission at BRUU is to introduce as many people as possible to the great taste of loose tea we felt obliged to put ourselves forward. "But don't get your hopes up" we got told, competition was fierce among those gunning for this top spot.

But undeterred we sent the RLD team a few samples of our gourmet loose tea; from memory our Pina Colada Green, Kenilworth Black and Mango Loves Yoghurt. Soon after we received an email back to say they had enjoyed the teas and would come back to us once they had made a final decision. That was a few weeks ago and only the other day we got an email to say our tea had been selected as the best they had tasted!

Needless to say we're ecstatic at the prospect of introducing the loyal RLD fan club to better tasting loose tea. We've worked hard to build a reputation at BRUU for creating the best teas around so it's lovely to be recognised by such a large company for these endeavours. 

And if you would prefer to purchase your gift voucher through Red Letter Days please use the links below:

3 Month Tea Club Gift Voucher
6 Month Tea Club Gift Voucher
12 Month Tea Club Gift Voucher

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