Our Top 5 Favourite Places to Drink Tea

As you can imagine tea is a big part of our lives here at BRUU. Only yesterday we got thinking about the places where we most enjoy a good cuppa. So here are a few of our favourite BRUU moments:

1) In Bed at Sunrise

It's unlikely that you'll find BRUU in bed before sunrise. We love to get up early to make the most of each day. Our first cup of tea is often the best as we sit to reflect on the day ahead with a delicious cup of tea in hand.


2) On The Commute to Work

It's said that the average commute to work is 54 minutes (Source: Express) which is a lot of time to be travelling each day. We love turning seemingly average situations into amazing experiences so next time you head to work perhaps you could find an opportunity to stop and enjoy a flask of loose tea? If it means setting off a bit earlier every now and then we think it'll be worth it.


3) When You Arrive at Work

A cup of tea is a fantastic way to punctuate a days work. It's the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on what you are doing and adjust your course. It also provides wonderful moments to socialise with your colleagues and to share laughter. And if you are one of those few that has ditched the teabag in favour of healthier loose leaf teas, you will also be doing something good for your body. 


4) Anywhere With Friends and Family

"Put the kettle on" seems to be a phrase etched into the minds of the great British public. But the word means much more than merely a process of heating water to boiling. It's about creating a space in time to enjoy the company of those you most cherish. And that is a wonderful thing.


5) On the Couch Just Before Bed

There are very few drinks other than water that I would advocate drinking before bedtime. After all it is a time of rest and not replenishment. But there are certainly two varieties of tea which I feel are conducive to a good nights rest. Our Calming Camomile tea and Lazy Lavender tea are known relaxants that have been proven to aid a good nights rest.

What are your favourites?

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