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Update Feb 2022: Bonk has been replaced by Energy

So we've been really busy this week at BRUU developing a tea that I’m really excited to share with you and it all started with a run. Let me explain…

Over the last six months I’ve been doing lots of running as a way of keeping myself fit and healthy; I think the warmer and brighter mornings help too. Returning home the first thing I usually do is put the kettle on and it dawned on me that we didn't have any teas specific to my new fitness pastime.

So I had a eureka moment – “could we make a tea aimed at the fitness fanatic in me”. The team took up the challenge and after weeks of fine tuning we have come up with a blend that not only tastes great but is up for the job in hand.

So let me introduce you to our new fitness tea Bonk.

Unusual name I know but bonking is a name used by runners and cyclists to describe the moment they hit the wall of fatigue which they fight to break through. I've been told it can also mean something else outside of this arena!

Bonk is a green tea blended with passion fruit, apricots, safflowers, salt and the magic ingredient ginseng. The fruits provide much needed vitamin C whilst the salts help to replenish what the body loses naturally through sweating. The loose tea provides a good hit of natural caffeine providing energy and activating the body’s fat burning engine. And the ginseng is a proven ingredient that helps to increase endurance and stamina.

Bonk has a mellow citrus taste with the ginseng providing an earthly sweetness. I have been drinking a cup 90 minutes before every run and I definitely feel like I can go a bit further. I've also been drinking it on the odd afternoon when I feel like my energy levels are waning. And like all our loose teas at BRUU, Bonk only contains the best loose leaves and natural gourmet ingredients.

So why not join our tea club and try it out for yourself. Or if you’re already a member drop us an email and we can include this special loose tea in your next delivery and who knows maybe we can help you break through that the wall.

Anneka - BRUU Founder

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