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So today marks the first day of BRUU, a journey that I hope will encourage tea lovers to ditch the dreaded tea bag, as have I.

I have always loved tea and over the last 10 years have seen growth in various teas. No longer do restaurants, cafe's and hotels look at me funny when I ask for peppermint tea. But we still have a long way to go, when we compare the UK to other markets around the world where loose tea is a permanent fixture on the high street. It is still difficult to get loose tea unless you purchase online, but then the quality and freshness are not always guaranteed. I know this from countless experiences.

I knew there had to be a better way.

Comparing a teabag with loose tea is like comparing tinned tomatoes to Italy's finest vines. There is a world of difference. Loose tea has not been over-processed, the leaves are not rolled and only natural ingredients are added. The flavour, the smell and the nutrients are delightful.

I wanted to introduce people like you and me to a better tea and sell it in a way that was convenient. I hope you love tea as much as I do and that BRUU plays a part in this.

Time for a cuppa I think... 

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